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I'm Kaye. Yez. But you can call me, Izette. Anlayo no? Bahala ka na kung babasahin mo o hindi.  

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Okay, I don’t really uses tumblr since I became busy on school works. Now this week is what we called the “Hell Week” It’s our exam week and I need to focus. But I can’t, because of that heartbreak that Cielo has given me. Oyeah. Sorry for being inactive guys. Ok, gotta go. I’ll come back but I won’t deactivate. I’ll review now for our exam tomorrow. And also, it’s out Christmas Party on Friday. but sht, I have no camera. Ugh. And we’ll be hunting my ninongs and ninangs. HAHAHA. Well, so sorry. Maybe I’ll post if I’m available or had free time. I’m just too busy. :)